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Monica IF24

Introducing the Monica IF24 
CTG Interface Device

monica ifThe Monica IF24 CTG Interface Device is an accessory for the AN24 that allows Monica's unique AN24 fetal/maternal monitoring technology to work with your installed CTG monitor, making the benefits of both available to you: peace of mind from Monica's improved accuracy and the patient comfort of a beltless and ambulatory monitoring solution, alongside the familiarity of using your own CTG monitor. Data is sent wirelessly (via Bluetooth) from the Monica AN24, worn by the pregnant women, to the Monica IF24 CTG Interface Device.

The IF24 plugs directly into the front panel DECG and TOCO inputs on the installed CTG1; this allows the printing of the FHR and UA traces and central station connectivity, as if you were using conventional transducers, reducing the learning and training period normally associated with the introduction of new equipment. It also provides docking station for charging and storing the AN24 when not in use.

1Lead sets are available for most maternal/fetal monitors