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Introducing the Monica VS

When used with the Monica AN24 the Monica VS series provides a stand-alone monitoring solution for labour and delivery. Featuring touch screen operation and a large colour display, the innovative and exciting monitor offers all the advantages of the Monica AN24 - including unprecedented comfort and freedom for the women, accuracy, and minimal user intervention - with additional benefits:

  • On-screen help and support
  • Easy to use touch screen operation
  • Auto catch-up when patient goes out of wireless range
  • Simultaneous monitors the CTGs from up to 4 Monica AN24 devices
  • Real time viewing of the selected Monica AN24
  • Analysis of FHR and print reports of the data collected by the AN24™

Available with a 15'' colour touch screen (VS15), mountable on a desk or cart with optional real-time 'Z-fold' thermal printer, or as a 10'' colour touch screen portable monitor (VS10),the Monica VS series provides a level of information and connectivity never previously available to the clinician.