Introducing the Monica DK

The Monica AN24 does not give the user access to the unprocessed abdominal electrophysiological signals. This additional functionality is available with the Monica DK system.

The Monica DK is a 'research' solution that facilitates the recording of the 'raw' electrophysiological signal and provides a number of powerful software analysis tool. This includes the extraction of the true  beat to beat fetal and maternal heart rates, the ability to quantify fECG morphology and track both fECG and mECG amplitude changes. In addition, the electrical signals from the uterine muscle contraction (EHG) are also extracted and the frequency content of the signal is analysed so as to characterise the uterine activity. All the extracted files can be exported for further analysis by third party software.

The Monica DK is a suite of three applications on an installation CD:

  • A firmware update for the Monica AN24 that will allow the raw electrophysiological signal to be stored on the internal SD card. This is serial number specific.
  • A special upload program that allows users to upload the raw data files typically 700MB!
  • A comprehensive analysis program that allows the user to extract a number of unique parameters and features including, beat to beat RR intervals, fECG morphology, EHG data, fetal position and movement.

Monica DK provides research workers with the opportunity to do new and exciting work that could lead to the development of new diagnostic parameters and management strategies. Monica Healthcare can only provide the Monica DK when an IP/Collaboration agreement is in place with the Hospital, so that ownership of the foreground and background IP, publications, patents and royalties are clearly understood by both parties. The IP/Collaboration agreement is not onerous and Monica Healthcare has signed numerous agreements with all the early adopters, since it protects the interests of both parties.

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